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Master craftspeople were at the heart of Regent’s Crescent in 1820, and they remain at the heart of it today. It began with the restoration of the Grade I listed Nash façade, and it is through their collective vision, their craftsmanship, and the use of the finest materials that we ensure this is a masterpiece in modern living, which heralds in a quality beyond compare.

Craftmanship and Quality - Ian Law, Partner, PDP London
Ian Law
Partner PDP


Working with an iconic building designed by an architect of John Nash’s reputation makes for a very special project. Returning Regent’s Crescent to its residential use, and emphasising the period details of the original 19th-century townhouses will revitalise one of London’s most quintessential heritage assets.

Grand front doors featuring beautiful Regency-style fanlights will be reinstated along the elegantly sweeping colonnade, complete with stone steps and smart railings that reference the original imposing entrances. The re- introduction of chimneystacks will enhance the period character of the crescent, and a fascinating 18th-century ice well discovered on the site will be preserved intact as an important heritage feature.



Stone Bathwear

Taking inspiration from the Roman times, Stone Bathwear is a bespoke bathwear company based close
to the shores of Lake Garda who incorporate the latest contemporary technology with the beauty of high-quality natural stone.

Considered the centre of the house by the Romans who thought the bathroom an important resting place, Stone Bathwear only uses the most experienced craftspeople to craft their products, proudly made in Italy.

Historic Rock

Hand cut tiles

Formed 500 million years ago, this sedimentary rock
is a significant feature of many of London’s most historic buildings. Now, thousands of hand-cut slate tiles have been painstakingly laid by hand for future generations, placed with care and precision.

Craftmanship and Quality - John Wyer, Partner, Bowles & Wyer
John Wyer
Bowles & Wyer


Reimagining a masterpiece of such historic significance requires sympathetic and highly-skilled craftsmanship, from the masonry to the carpentry to the landscaping of the stunning private gardens to the rear of Regent’s Crescent.

The central garden will be a tranquil retreat featuring lawns and mature trees, planted with borders designed to provide year-round interest. To the eastern end, a more secluded garden will be centred around a skylight pool, creating an ideal space for relaxing.

To the rear of the Crescent, 1.5 acres of private landscaped gardens will provide a delightful and secluded retreat for residents. Facing the Crescent, exclusive private residents’ gardens with tennis courts at Park Square provide a further eight acres of recreational space.
Craftmanship and Quality - Helen Westlake, Creative Director, Millier Craftmanship and Quality - Alexandra Nord, Creative Director, Millier
Helen Westlake &
Alexandra Nord
Creative Directors
Millier London


Our response to the design of building interiors is firstly to look at the historical and physical context of the site and surrounds. Here, we have a unique building with a Grade I listing. So it was important for us to create a connection between the grand building exterior and the interior. Regent’s Crescent is a special piece of London and we have designed to the building’s provenance, to anchor the space within that history. We are creating homes with gravitas; classic and beautiful spaces.

We have realised this ambition through a palette with a judicious mix of materials; stunning marbles complementing wooden floors, both a feature of the period. Many apartments have special street entrances, with private stone lobbies that give a true sense of arrival. There’s a warmth to the journey when walking through the building, a realisation of home.
Craftmanship and Quality - Marble detail