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With their prized position within Regent’s Crescent, Garden Villas are truly beautiful modern homes designed to enhance Nash’s glorious architecture and surroundings, creating a harmonious contrast between past and present.

“On one side of the Crescent sits the historical Grade 1 exterior. And for the Garden Villas on the other, we have this spectacular reimagining, an exciting juxtaposition between history and modernity. ”

PDP London's Villas

Truly contemporary homes

Inspired by the Regent’s Crescent’s architectural design and heritage but not constrained by it, the interiors push the boundaries of design yet harmonise the space with the historic surroundings. Natural light floods in from the large windows to reveal the bold design and sophisticated furnishings.


The playful, eclectic interior story pleasingly connects the villas to the enchanting gardens and landscape. With the accent on unparalleled refinement and luxury, the interior design draws on the warm timbers, dark stones and rich metal accents to capture the inspirational scenery.

Tranquil living

Faithful to Nash’s original vision of buildings that effortlessly blend the public and the private, residents can enjoy the grand and the intimate, and choose between using the luxurious amenities or their own levels of privacy at home. The gardens were shaped by the idea of tranquil retreat, where closing the gate on the city guarantees a sense of peace.